Friday, November 12, 2010

This poem is called Rory, it was for his birthday last year.

So there's this guy I know named Rory
In this poem I'll tell you a story
It's about things that he does
what he likes and what he says
It's my hope to entertain and not bore ye

Rory's from a town called Canby
If you need to show cattle he's handy
He likes to drink bubbles
which get him in trouble
You might even say he gets randy

He likes to go sing karaoke
and even do the hokey pokey
once we went to Lapine
and sang lots of times
I think we did okey dokey

Today's his birthday, what a deal!
You're twenty-five now, how's it feel?
We're here for this thing, 
but wouldn't you rather be golfing?
How about he shows us blue steel

Sunday, October 15, 2006

This is a poem I wrote about Batman a couple years ago while I was in a class. I call it Batman.


Batman was taken, Locked up to be tortured.

Robin as well wasn't going to be nurtured.

Marbles would be dropped on the tops of their heads,

One every second they would wish they were dead.

Robin's had started losing his mind,

Batman would go too, but in how much time?

Na na na na na na na na

Will they escape, with their minds?

Tune in next week, same bat time.

The marbles had poured, it looks like batman is mad.

Now he's crazy, it's really too bad.

He does what he's told, he's not even tied up,

Looks like Batman is all dried up.

Oh, what's this? Batman's not braindead,

He's fighting the bad guys, he's using his head.

With a SOK and a POW, he wins the fight,

He saves Robin, and everything's all right.

"Holy aggie Batman, how did you do it?"

He looked at Robin, "There was nothing to it.

At the beginning, while I was still able,

I repeated to myself, multiplication tables.

The constant thought kept my mind busy,

This kept me, unlike you, from going crazy."

Na na na na na na na na

Looks like he did it, it was easy to handle,

Tune in next week, same bat channel.


Saturday, September 30, 2006


Here are some poems.

These poems are about rock music.

Rock Music is Keen

Rock and Roll music is really keen.

Just ask the rock stars

Gene and Dean Ween.

They'll say that the money's all right,

But it's the love of the fans

That makes their job bright.

Loud Music

They say Rock and Roll music is loud.

I think it's quite nice.

When I listen to it I'm on a cloud.

The guitars and drums sing.

While the microphone rings.

Who likes Rockin'?

Who likes rockin'?

I like rockin'.

Do you like rockin'?

Is it too shockin'

To really like rockin'?

Rock and Roll

Rock and roll,

On a knoll.

Eat some beans,

Wearing jeans.

Don't stop rockin'

‘till death is knockin'.

Rock Music is Bad

Rock and roll music is bad.

Who said that?

Probably someone's dad.

They always complain that

Rock and roll music is bad.

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